Simply good food and drink (period).

To be honest, there is not much else to say.

Because we think that we're all already dealing with far too many meaningless words, trendy names, crafty designs, macromolecular preparation techniques and difficult-to-digest classifications, -isms and -ery's.

That's why, instead of a kitchen, we simply and with the greatest pleasure built a large, open fireplace and a clever wood-burning oven into the Dogenhof. As soon as the dust has finally cleared, we will heat up this furnace and never let it go out again.

Before your eyes, we will prepare high-quality products - coming from our network of outstanding and uncompromising producers. And we'll do this as enjoyably, genuinely and transparently as we can.

As always, the simplest things will present us with the greatest challenges, because nothing is more difficult than reducing to the essential and achieving playful ease. But we've not only warming up for this project since more than five years, but also strengthened ourselves with a young, determined professional team led by Simon Steiner.

Enough said. Time to find out if it tastes and feels really good and makes great sense. We are looking forward to your visit!


We have to be honest. In the all-analogue depths of our hearts we do not want be a classical restaurant. We want to be a continuously developing place always on the move to offer you new experiments, adventures, tastings and inspirations daily.

From now on this is the place we present you everything from kitchen specials to workshops with our producers and of course all the fantastic humans, visionaries and mavericks, who put all the magic into Dogenhof we always have dreamed of!

Autumn Special - GOOSE MENU from our wood fire

We are celebrating Autumn with a special menu with 4 courses - with Ganslbraten (roasted goose) and a lot of other Schmankerl from happy free-range geese, raised by hand by the Schmölz family in Langenlebarn in Tullnerfeld!

€ 44 per person

On the following Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m.:

October 27-29
November 3rd + 5th
November 10th-12th
November 17th + 19th
November 24-26

Reservation necessary - send an email to

Sherry foie gras
with quince, salt maroni and Buchtel

Clear goose soup
goose, root vegetables, breadcrumbs

Main course:
1/4 free range goose
Quince red cabbage, potato dumplings, cranberries, kumquat

Baked apple from the wood oven
Vanilla ice cream, plum stock

Of course we offer a vegetarian alternative on request. Because we need all the space for the roast goose on our fireplace, you cannot order a la carte on these days.

Rici's Keramik

Simply good food already starts with the tableware. Therefore joined forces with our long time friend and companion Rici, who made some really awesome bowls for a noodle-soup project we started two years ago. Now for quite some weeks she rolls, casts, burns and glazes clay in a very small room of our manufactory. Nor strokes of fate nor the virus did stop her from bringing her works of art piece by piece onto the Dogenhof tables.

Robert Paget's Käsekisten

The producers of our food are very important for us - everything you find on our menu is carefully selected and you can even take home some delicacies from the SUPERSENSE grocery store on Friday and Saturday, which you can pre-order online.

The newest cooperation with one of the Dogenhof producers is the ROBERT PAGET/SUPERSENSE DON'T ASK CHEESE ABO - Your direct connection to Robert Paget - one of Austria's best cheese makers. Robert is making revolutionary good goat and water buffalo cheese with the strict motto "small is beautiful". Every time we receive a precious delivery from Robert for the Dogenhof kitchen we include it in our culinary adventures.



11:30 - 23:00


9:30 - 23:00


9:30 - 17:00

From Monday to Saturday our kitchen is open for you until 10 p.m., afterwards we're serving a "kitchen closing dinner" until 11pm; on Sundays we cook for you until 4 p.m.


We are happy to take your reservation!

Please note:
Reservations for the same day can only be accepted by telephone.


  • U-Bahn: U1 Nestroyplatz, Praterstern; U2 Praterstern
  • Bahn: S1, S2, S3, S4, S7
  • Straßenbahn: 5, O
  • Bus: 5B, 80A, 82A

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